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Websites for law firms

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“Through your website you build awareness of the high quality of your office.”

It is worth to run a website of a law firm or a bailiff

Take care of modern but above all transparent and mobile graphic design.

There is nothing to overdo with the effects and “splashbacks” on the website. A neat and aesthetic, graphic layout consistent with the current trends is enough. Make sure that finding the necessary information is not difficult for a potential user of the site, and the navigation is intuitive and one hundred percent “user friendly”.

Own photos “make magic”.

The stock offer is very rich, also in the legal industry. You can of course use it and it is not a bad thing, but a sky better and distinctive of your office solution is to organize your own photo and solicitor office, presenting your own image and employees, which we can arrange for you and your Bar Office.

“Less is more”!

Remember that your clients usually do not have legal education, so take care of a clear and understandable language, especially when it comes to the offer. If something is less understandable, try to explain it as simply as possible, so that no one has problems understanding the content.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Remember that your website is the source of many information necessary for your potential client. It can let you find yourself in a thicket of basic legal concepts. A good practice is therefore to put a brief information about these concepts on your website. Basic knowledge will allow you to find your clients in this often difficult subject. However, for more information they will be willing to report directly to your law firm’s employee.

Blog on the website of a law firm or bailiff?

Yes! It’s worth running a blog. It is a way to show that you have knowledge. The blog is also to show openness to share it. Writing news is also a great way to get valuable search engine traffic, which is especially important in the case of the bar industry due to the high competition. That is why the blog is a great support in SEO activities, as well as in creating a positive and authentic image. See some examples of law office websites that we have created.


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