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Responsive website – Do I need one?

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First of all, we have to answer the question – what is a responsive website? At the time when browsing the websites and portals is no longer just on the so-called desktop computer, and we have access to the internet virtually anywhere, there is a need to verify – whether our site is correctly displayed on all devices, regardless of the size of their screen and its proportions?

Using devices based on tests

According to a study conducted by the renowned agency We Are Social and Hoosuite, currently 66% of internet users use mobile devices while browsing websites. This is helped by the appropriate process of designing and implementing websites, the effect of which has been called responsiveness. Responsive website (“Responsive Web Design” or “RWD”) is a short website, an online store that can customize its layout, regardless of the device on which it is displayed, without losing its readability.

What is the purpose of website responsiveness?

Currently, Internet users expect to find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. It has come to be said that they must find it in three steps. It means that after entering the site they can click on three places to find the information they want, because otherwise they will give up and start searching on related websites, which will result in the loss of a potential client. Here, with the help of us comes responsiveness, setting the layout of the thrones in such a way that it is clear and transparent for all users, including mobile users.

Summary of the responsive website

The answer to the question of whether a responsive website is necessary for me – it is self-evident – yes! It is worth to approach the topic of responsiveness and mobility of the designed website in an appropriate way. Currently, the world of technology is changing, very quickly, which we all know perfectly well. So you need to prepare your new website or online store in a proper way so that it serves for what it was designed for a long time. So let’s take care of the professional look of our site not only for the users of desktop computers, but also users of mobile technologies – phones and tablets.